The Orillia Spring Blues Festival Board has had multiple meetings since the 2014 festival and have come to the decision that due to significant challenges to deal with, we have cancelled the 2015 Festival. We will take this year to regroup and explore our options. There are a number of reasons that have brought us to this very difficult decision.

The business community has been very supportive and over the past few years and have stepped up even more and we are very appreciative. Although we have been able to meet all of our financial obligations, the grant process, which is an important part of our funding makes it increasingly impossible to plan for the future in a fiscally responsible manner.

The regulatory environment has changed drastically and obtaining the necessary licenses and the cost and efforts to meet the regulations have put a high level of strain on the festival. We have had several key board members step aside and have been unable to replace them at this point. We definitely need to address that deficiency to put together a vibrant and successful event.

We also believe we need to explore the opportunity to have food and merchandise vendors and other attractions included with the festival that would make it more of a destination attraction.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful volunteers, our business sponsors and of course our loyal audience for their support.